There's so much beauty in pain, dear.

Piercings|Music|Makeup|Strange People|general weirdness
capturing the hidden beauty in ugliness
living the chance to be different.
GOD I miss this! so. so much. 

GOD I miss this! so. so much. 

Put your iTunes on shuffle and make a list of the first 25 artists - to see your different music taste.

1. Marilyn Manson

2. Pantera

3. Portishead

4. The Grates

5. Foo Fighters

6. The Dresden Dolls

7. Guns N’ Roses

8. The Presets

9. Nirvana

10. Slash

11. Coldplay

12. Radiohead

13. Days of the New 

14. The Clash

15. Nuclear Rabbit 

16. Seether

17. Fiona Apple

18. Whitechapel

19. Tenacious D

20. Amanda Palmer

21. Tom Petty

22. Alice in Chains

23. Superjoint Ritual

24. Blind Melon

25. Frenzal Rhomb

…wow, for once my itunes didn’t fail on me by shuffling really embarrassing artists! ;P 

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